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teacher portfolio

Posted By: Kenneth Imperato on June 1, 2004

Connecticut has an excellent model of teacher portfolio assessment. It for teachers in their second year of teaching and reaches into most curriculum areas.

More information is available at their website at http://www.state.ct.us/sde/dtl/t-a/index.htm or you can contact Beverly Hartstone for program information at (860)713-6811.

The founder and architect of the CT program is now at Stanford University and is a wealth of knowledge in this area of assessing teachers. He is Ray Pecheone and can be reached at Pecheone@Stanford.edu

The interesting part of this type of program is in the portfolio development guidelines, rubric development, piloting, and the related reliability and validity studies. The ugly side is that these programs can be full of logistical and legal issues that tend to bog down the people administering them. A well-designed program from the outset and strong support from policy makers is essential to starting off on the right foot.

Ken Imperato, Doctoral Student
Southern Conn. State University
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