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Ideas for creating activities for this class...

Posted By: Ann Swanson on May 20, 2004

What about ultraprevention activities around health as one of the activities for them to consider or just to think about like chi gong-tai chi the Chinese healing, meditative, movements that are strengthening and meditative too to connect body, mind, and spirit make you feel better and relieve stress.

Also what about helping with literacy for students as a tutor or in their communities....if they have time their are many EFL students and young students who need this help.

What about just getting them to write down their transformative narratives that aided or not their growth within their lifetimes or expanded their consciousness. Even their stories about the way things were and how their perspectives have changed over the years. I bet their stories no one is listening to and their is a wealth of infomation that is beneficial in hearing and having them.

Just a few ideas you have probably already thought about, but I think having a class in TL is fantastic and I am interested in hearing how it goes as I would like train educators abroad to be able to do the same with undergraduate and graduate students in the near future.

Best of luck,

Ann Davis-Swanson
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