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Teaching Children as Developing Thinkers

Posted By: M Kirshner on May 18, 2004

For possible use in a workshop to be presented during the Fall of 2004 I seek interesting ideas for:

Class activities & assignments
Journal & book length readings
Sources of inexpensive rental videos on teacher training & effective teaching in the classroom
Guest speakers

The anticipated title of the workshop is Teaching Children as Developing Thinkers. The audience for this course will be practicing K-12 public school teachers from all subject areas and grade levels, with approximately 1 to 3 years of classroom experience, in a suburban school district, but one with high degree of poverty and students whose parents speak Spanish at home.

I am particularly interested in ideas, activities and videos that will assist in training teachers to promote active and constructivist learning by their students.

As I prepare this workshop I am interested not only in materials to use in class in the Fall, but also in paths that I should follow now. Whom should I be talking to?

Any assistance and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Further details , if desired, are available by writing to me at:


I am posting this message on several web sites and chat boards. I apologize if this creates unwanted clutter for some and am open to suggestions for more effective, less offensive posting.

Thank you.

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 Teaching Children as Developing Thinkers by M Kirshner on May 18, 2004
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