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On Lighter Note(s): Education as a Bi-Partisan Platform

Posted By: Debbie Harrell on February 17, 2004
Each presidential candidate has given “lip service” to the need for greater education initiatives in this country.

I can not define great? I mean, I teach English but isn't that a adjective? More books? Bigger Buildings? More safety metal detectors?

Have any candidates been to your school or university? Interviewed educators? Read books to your classes K-5? Initiated quorums in your round table discussions in Social Studies, English & Science 9-12? Um…does the federal government actually govern the public schools in America (I mean this fictitiously of course because they always know what to tell us how to do)…

• Have or has anyone seen a candidate ask a teacher if they are paid step increases or IRA's?
• Have appropriate benefits on the local level?
• Have adequate staffing in special education services?
• Need assistance in gang areas of the inner city?
• Need neutral grievance procedures within educational administration?
• Or even researched exit interview statistics on why we lose teachers in America?

I get a chill every time I hear a candidate or CNN mention the word “education?” How about you?

Dr. Deborah Harrell
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 On Lighter Note(s): Education as a Bi-Partisan Platform by Debbie Harrell on February 17, 2004
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