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Mr. Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D

Posted By: Debbie Harrell on February 17, 2004
I believe your article expresses deep concern for our educational system in this country as a whole and the social promotion issues faced by every instructor who must adhere to a school board and angry parents who confuse educational institutions with babysitting playgrounds. It is inconsequential and a reality that educators are paid to teach curriculum that is eventually moved by politics and manufactured results in the classroom as assignments are challenged and grades are reassigned. Yet, educators are held to a standard of tests designed by Princeton to implement and assess national scores. You are at a junior college and your satire is well noted.

Given the Patriot Act, we have a greater responsibility to our students and ourselves to teach the truth as we know it but as you well know, the parents of students will always challenge that curriculum. We are the last of a dying breed of the only truth serum students will have as we enter into this marshal law of the Patriot Act. I have personally had to (1) Protect students of various minority and religious ethnicity in hallways in order to secure order since this Act, while their military parents fight in Operation Iraq; (2) Discipline racial slurs in hallways for students in mixed racial company post Black History Month and (3) Home school students making adult decisions to bear children themselves of bi-ethnic heritage because the halls were not safe. Payment? That was a freebee!

As a discussion, I see the lack of involvement in your article as an example of that very complacency that prevents higher salaries, stronger administrations and greater or enforced discipline. Where are the other teachers? I donít know! And I am not afraid to sign my name!

Dr. Deborah B. A. Harrell
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 If Teachers "Were Congressman:" A Satire by Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D. on February 14, 2002
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