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Masters in Educational Technology

Posted By: Margaret Vigneulle on May 10, 2001
Dear Pamela,
I did my Masters degree in Learning Technology. The degree was actually Masters of Education. The technology part was not part of the title. I graduated with this degree in 1994. I was the first to graduate in this program at the college. I believed it would be a "hot" area because placing technology in the classroom and using it in the curriculum was beginning to take off. I was great at helping other teachers become confortable with the computer and I was creative helping those interested in using it as a learning and product tool. This I found as I did an intern with teachers who were basically scared to death of a computer and with those teachers in the school I was teaching in. To my dismay, the school systems were not interested in a teacher who could provide these services but still wanted the hardware person who could teach the kids basic wordprocessing but didn't know how to help the teacher use the technology in the curriculum. Although now companies such as Intel go around giving workshops etc. to teachers, the school systems talk the talk of technology in the classroom but will not "buy" into a person who could be onsite to help with this. I sure hope this changes because the schools still are often way behind the times doing classwork etc. in the last century. And, I'm still looking for that learning technology job I thought was going to be a great opportunity. Good luck to you!
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 Masters in Educational Technology by Pamela Jungvig on April 23, 2001
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