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Posted By: DR.Wes Perusek on January 1, 2004
Annie: Happy New Year! Wonderful question you pose. May I suggest you simply start with:
1) Mitcham, Carl and Robert Mackey (eds.) Philosophy and Technology, Readings in the Philosophical Problems of Technology,New York: The Free Press, 1972,1983.
2)Cowan, Ruth Schwartz, A Social History of American Technology.New York, Oxford University Press, 1997.
3) Rutherford, F.James and Andrew Ahlgren. Science For All Americans.New York: Oxford University Press, 1990.
4)National Research Council. National Science Education Standards.Washington,DC, National Academy Press, 1996.
5)Technology and Culture,The International Quarterly of The Society For The History of Technology. Baltimore,The Johns Hopkins University Press.
6)Travers, Robert M.W. (ed.) Second Handbook of Research on Teaching, A Project of The American Educational Research Association, Chicago, Rand McNally Publ.Co., 1973 and particularly Chapter 31 and references.
7) Rhodes, Richard(ed.) Visions of Technology,A Century Of Vital Debate About Machines, Systems and the Human World. New York: Simon&Schuster, 1999.
8) Encyclopedia Britannica, technology, history of....
9) International Technology EducationAssociation.Standards for Technological Literacy K-12,Blacksburg,VA. 2000.
10) Hickman, Larry A (ed.) Reading Dewey-Intrepretations For A Postmodern Generation. Bloomington, Indiana Univ. Press, 1998.
11)Smith,Merritt R. and Leo Marx (eds) Does Technology Drive History?-The Dilemma of Technological Determinism.Cambridge ,Mass., The MIT Press, 1994

These are only a few among many, many sources to give a start to your search.You might then contrast what you have seen here with writings and reports on " educational technology" and " computers in education"
Draw your own conclusions.Keep the use of verbs in mind as you read as well as the distinctions drawn by Mitcham and Mackey among "technology, techniques and technics".Confusion reins in the use of the terms: "technology" and "educational or instructional technology" not the same animals.

An interesting project you might add here is to take a cassette recorder with you. Interview 25 people from all walks of life with the question: "What is Technology?"
Record the person, age, occupation or work role and the date of your interview. Then transcribe the results. I would like to have a copy of your findings. Others will be interested in the results as well.

Please let me hear from you on your research.

Best Regards,

Dr.Wes Perusek
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