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Children and War

Posted By: Maureen McClure on December 18, 2003
Who in the education community tracks the movements of refugee children in the US?

Many refugees are women and children who were forced to migrate. Some are brought to the US by non-profit humanitarian organizations. How are school districts notified of their presence? To what extent are these districts prepared to receive these children? Do these relief organizations provide schools with background information that includes student records and/or their own assessment?

How do they locate translators for classrooms? Who tests them in their mother tongue to check their learning development so they know where to place them? How do they provide appropriate learning maerials for them? Who checks them for PTSD? How are children who don't speak English given therapy for PTSD?

As you can see, lots of questions. So far, no satisfactory answers.

Maureen W. McClure, Director
Global Information Networks in Education (GINIE) Project
Administrative and Policy Studies
School of Education
University of Pittsburgh
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 Children and War by Maureen McClure on December 18, 2003
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