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Teacher Satisfaction

Posted By: Charlene Bowden on December 15, 2003
"Veteran" teachers need to hel[p ease the way for new teachers. Instead of assigning new teachers the combination classes, multiple preps in multiple classrooms, or "dumping" all the difficult students into the class, veteran teachers need to step up, make sure difficult students are more evenly distributed and volunteer to take the combinations and multiple preps, even traveling to multiple classrooms if it will mean that a new teacher won't have to.

Too many teachers feel that they have "paid their dues" and "deserve" the easier assignments. As a parent, and as a professional, it makes more sense for the teachers with more experience to have the more difficult assignments instead of assigning a teacher with no experience.

The result will be less turnover in staff, which means more experienced teachers to share the "load."

I am a BTSA/Induction coordinator in California, working with first and second year teachers. I see many good teachers leave discouraged because of the assignments they have been given. If these teachers had a chance to build a knowledge base and feel support from staff and administrators, they would stay and become excellent teachers.
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