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More about ed tech

Posted By: Scott McDonald on May 7, 2001
There are a number of schools that offer Masters programs in Educational Technology, including the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), where I am a PhD student in Educational Technology. An interesting program is at Pepperdine (in CA), where it is done mostly online.

A Masters in Ed Tech can be useful in a lot of area and whether you need credentials or not depends on what kind of job you are looking for. If you want to teach in public k-12 schools then you need a credential (for the most part). If you want to work in some other capacity in public school supporting technology you likely don't need a certificate. You can also go into industry and work for an educational software developer or a company that designs training tools with technology.

Also something to note is that schools have different foci within the program, some are more aimed at creating designers of educational software (e.g. Northwestern), others at developing the more educational side of the ed tech description. I would shop around a little and talk to students at different programs. Good Luck.
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 Masters in Educational Technology by Pamela Jungvig on April 23, 2001
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