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Applying The Tipping Point to educational reform project in China

Posted By: Jane Perry on December 10, 2003
A colleague and I are currently working as Teacher Development Advisers on an education reform project in China. On my last trip I took The Tipping Point along to read thinking that there might be some value in considering how these ideas might apply in a different cultural context.
I found your ideas very interesting as the teachers we are working with are attempting to change their own practice and to create a different kind of learning culture in their classrooms. Like your students, the students in these schools live on campus together. I wonder if you would be prepared to share your survey? Also, can you tell me the name of the software which creates sociograms?
I'd be most grateful for your help.
Jane Perry
RMIT University
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 The tipping Point by Bruce Rosenbloom on October 1, 2003
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