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technology education and literacy vs Educational technology

Posted By: DR.Wes Perusek on December 1, 2003
Yes indeed, they are related. Educational technology is but one small part of technology education. As a primer, may I suggest you pick up a current Encyclopedia Britannica, look up technology and read especially the historical perspective and the wonderful bibliography. Next, examine the Technology Panel Report of AAAS and Benchmarks for Science Literacy, Project 2061. Following this, look carefully at the National Academy of Engineering's Technically Speaking, Why All Americans Need To Know More About Technology. Then look at the International Technology Education Association's Standards for Technological Literacy K-12. You might follow this research review with an examination of the National Curriculum in the United Kingdom and pick up some of that literature. Follow this with a reading of Ruth Swartz Cowan's A Social History of American Technology. After all this, come back to your statement of comparison and tell me if you still believe the emphasis is a matter of goals.
Best Regards.

Dr.Wes Perusek
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 technology education vs educational technology by DR.Wes Perusek on July 16, 2003
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