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Re: Evaluation of instructors who teach a distance learning course

Posted By: Andrew Topper on May 7, 2001

I think this is a very interesting, but largely unexplored, issue. I am in the process of developing an on-line
course for my university (GVSU) and am also looking for ideas to help us evaluate our teaching and our
students' learning. While I've seen lots of information on evaluating student percpetions or opinions of an
on-line course, I haven't seen much on rubrics for evaluating on-line teaching that might be given to students.

I use a standard form in my f2f teaching that I will probably modify slightly to fit the on-line media, but I'm still
in the formative stages of defining this and am still looking for ideas about how to make this evaluation form
better for the on-line aspects. One issue is: since on-line teaching is fundamentally different from f2f teaching,
should we be asking the same kinds of questions about on-line learning or should we be developing a new set
of questions specifically for the on-line environment.

Good luck finding useful resources.

andrew topper
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 Evaluation of instuctors who teach a distance learning course. by Connie Passarella on April 5, 2001
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