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Integrated Curriculum

Posted By: Marion Brady on November 6, 2003
Thirty years of thinking and writing on the subject of curricular integration has led me to conclude that "integrators" such as interdisciplinarity, themes, projects, student needs, social problems, etc., fail to provide students with what they most need---a conceptual framework which encompasses and integrates not merely academic disciplines, school subjects and so on, but ALL knowledge.
All humans constantly and routinely integrate knowledge. Even small children do so in an extremely sophisticated way. There's nothing mysterious about how it's done, but the utter familiarity of the procedure makes it difficult to discern (that old "a fish would be the last to discover water" problem).
If you're interested, type "Marion Brady" into a search engine, and click on my homepage.

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 teaching the curriculum differently by sean mcglennon on September 10, 2003
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