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Posted By: Suzy Darlink on November 5, 2003
Great stuff going on in your school.
We have a very similar approach in our Arts and Technology departments. Have 'made up' have a new term for these for our team.
Collaborative Cyclic Learning Modules.
Collaborative: Meaning we work on a unit of work together re overview, timetabling, overall motivation brainstorming and evaluation. We also have our own specific unit plans.
Cyclic: Students revolve around to explore all the learning opportunities avaliable.
Learning: Takes place in each area through problem based learning approaches. Multiple student outcomes are an expectation in all areas of learning.
Module: We have a defined theme and time span, a block of time.
None of the 'correct terms' seemed to fit and this mixture 'tells it like it is' easily understood by all stakeholders and parents.
This type of learning involves much prepatory input, however I have yet to experience any teaching situation so envigorating for both students and all staff. Often teachers stay on much longer after school than they would normally talking together about students, incidents, highlights and concerns. It is the sense of special comradship that comes to the fore that makes it so very valuable.Well worth that extra mile in my opinion.
Suzy Reid
Team Leader
H.O.D Technology
H.O.D Arts
(On a fantastic year of scholarship)
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