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Posted By: Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D. on November 1, 2003
Look! I have worked so very, very, hard all of my life as a teacher who has been so grossly underpaid for all of the vastly wonderful things that I go out of my way to do. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that, given the fact that athletes and entertainers make millions and millions of dollars a year, I should be making so much more money per year than I, at present, do-------- I would say that given all that I, in fact do for allof my students, I mean the service that I perform (enlightening the minds of young people, opening them up to the world of great ideas such as I do every day in each and every one of my classes), I should be paid at least, I mean at a minimum, $100,000 per year! So you see a little cash "under the table" to help out the ole grocery bills wouldn't hurt at all-----would it? Now,please don't get me wrong Of course, I have never done such a thing, nor would I ever do such a thing, since to do such a thing is very, very, illigal. And I do want you to know that I AM A GOOD CHRISTIAN (A BELIEVER IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND ALSO SAVED "BY THE BLOOD"), AND A VERY LAW ABIDING CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! And you can take that home "and put it in the bank!" Ha! Ha! That was a kind of a joke----if I don't say so myself. But seriously now, I do want you to know that THE GOOD COLLEGE TEACHERS OF THIS HERE NATION (LIKE MYSELF, OF COURSE) ARE VERY GROSSLY UNDERPAID-------SO WHAT ARE WE, AS A NATION GOING TO DO ABOUT IT SO THAT TEACHERS ARE NOT FORCED INTO TURNING INTO PEOPLE LIKE THAT OF OUR CONGRESSMEN AND THEREFORE BEGINNING TO TAKE MONEY FROM THE VERY PEOPLE WHOM THEY SERVE. I DON"T WANT THAT TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME, AND WITH THE HELP OF GOD, THROUGH THE POWER OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, IT WON'T! SO THEREFORE, I ASK YOU, "WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT SUCH A PROBLEM AS THIS????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just answer that question for me ---------OKAY!

Goodbye and good luck,

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 If Teachers "Were Congressman:" A Satire by Doug Soderstrom, Ph.D. on February 14, 2002
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