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Read a Post for Limitations upon Academic Freedom for Public School Teachers
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Freedon in Teaching-Kilpatrick

Posted By: Christina Niven on December 31, 2003
I guess you're insulted by the label "uninformed" being applied to parents and local citizens. Can't blame you; it is harsh. But I'm a teacher who doesn't like overly involved parents, although I must admit that most of my colleagues gloat over them. I'd rather leave most decisions up to the teacher. Based on my own educational experiences, I assume that my child will run into all kinds of teachers over the years and will therefore be exposed to a bit of everything. So, I'm not too concerned when the schools teach something I don't agree with. I wish Kilpatrick would have supplied an example to support his assertion.
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 Freedom in Teaching - Kilpatrick by B. Flanders on December 31, 2003
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