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Read a Post for Effects of Inequality and Poverty vs. Teachers and Schooling on America’s Youth
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Re: Education and Politics

Posted By: Hubert Steed on March 15, 2013
In searching "educational" websites including TC Record, I find very few if any articles that address the terms "911 Explosive Evidence", "Climate Change" and "Fracking" to ascertain a significant degree of concern about the "science" being promulgated by especially higher education standards and political interests regarding these life and death quality of life issues.

This condition appears to be connected to religious universities such as BYU and Fordham.

Witness their honorary degrees awarded to Dick Cheney and John Brennan.

Is this the standard of education and Christianity in the USA?

You can find more information about these concerns at http://www.facebook.com/hubert.steed.9
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