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It Ain't Necessarily So

Posted By: Dick Schutz on October 16, 2009
As the commentary and references demonstrate, one can generate data that are reputed to show the "summers matter" in the "achievement gap." But if that were the case, year-round schedules that split vacations into smaller periods would be the "fix." That schedule doesn't fix anything.

Whether there is any "loss" during "time out of instruction" periods depends entirely on the nature of the instruction and on the the nature of the "reading tests" In the acquisition of any complex skill such as learning to drive, play a musical instrument, use software and such, the acquisition route is bumpy, but there is little or no "loss" due to inactivity.

It's dangerous to rely blindly on "research"--even peer-reviewed research in reputable journals. Trust, but verify. The history of science is marked by a trail of "mistakes."

Dick Schutz

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 It Ain't Necessarily So by Dick Schutz on October 16, 2009
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