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4.1% of german girls consider themselves over-rated in maths

Posted By: Klaus Füller on February 8, 2009
As a german maths-teacher I would like to contibute the following remark:

I have made the observation that a significant number of girls in my classes under-estimatie their mathematical abilities. Quite a few female students are told by their parents - especially by their mothers - that they (the girls) are "not so good in maths" and that their mother "had difficulties with math during their schooldays." Parents pronounce their surprise if their daughter does good in maths.

This self-image does not prevail if it comes to literature and (foreign-) language.

I assume that the elevated number of 4.1% of girls who assume themselves overrated in maths (as compared to the 2.4% in their native language and the 3.0% in the foreign language of English) is largely due to this domesic influence.

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 4.1% of german girls consider themselves over-rated in maths by Klaus Füller on February 8, 2009
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