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Re: response from field-tested Payne materials

Posted By: Adrienne Dixson on May 25, 2009
I have attended one of her workshops and left out of disgust--for her manner, the material and the response of so-called middle class people to her "insight." It absolutely absurd that one can sit in a workshop taught by a millionaire and "learn" how to work with people who live in poverty. Why not just talk to people who live in poverty? Why do you need a workshop to recognize the basic humanity and strength of people who are most vulnerable to public and social policies? Payne's work does not offer anything more than a reification of the most base stereotypes of so-called culture of poverty. "Environmental barriers that keep many from rising out of poverty" is just a redeployment of victim blaming and is neither scientific nor insightful.
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 response from field-tested Payne materials by Jan Lewis on January 2, 2007
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