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Join Us in Mexico Walking in Raw Sewage

Posted By: Jacqueline Zaleski Mackenzie on September 21, 2010
Yes, let's work together. Come join me in poverty in Central Mexico and see for yourself what life is like here. I call to Ruby, Paul, Jennifer or anyone else who thinks they understand poverty to join me for an hour or longer. Walk along side my neighbors to the closest town by slopping through the raw sewer line debris that has been running all but 3 days for over the last 6 months, into the water reservoir that comes into my own kitchen sink. Spend the night in a rural home with 6-10 others: a two-room concrete space with sheets for windows and doors and no indoor plumbing. Before "casting the first stone" on either side of the fence of academic comments, find out what is really going on with the poor. As a certified teacher in the USA I knew the administrative edicts I was given to follow with monolingual Spanish-speaking learning disabled special needs students was child abuse, but before speaking out I left the USA to prove it to myself. Now, after 12 years living on the AZ/MX border and over 6 years living in or volunteering in Central Mexico doing scholarly research I am sure that I was, by following protocol, abusing children in my classrooms. My accurate reference book of tools to help Spanish-speaking students (of any age) backed up by a large bibliography of solid research will be out in January, then teachers or trainers will have accurate and timely information on at least one segment of the poor: Spanish-speakers.
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