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Posted By: craig schieber on August 16, 2005
Thank you for taking the time to reply to the questions about Leviticus that I took from a web site. Since I read the material on the site I have been curious as to how a fundamentalist Christian would respond to such charges. Now I know. I don't agree with you but I don't want to put you in jail or make judgement of eternal damanation on you because of your beliefs.

Why is it that when I disagree with you it is hostility I am exhibiting but when you disagree with me, and call me blasphemous, it is just you showing me the true path?

I will finish by quoting from your response for how I wish you would view someone like me.
"I truly hope this is helpful to you, and I truly hope that you will change your attitude toward people like me. I hope you will consider the amount of time I put into my replies on this website as evidence of good faith on my part. 'K? "

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 A Radical Suggestion by Susan Williams on June 1, 2005
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