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Re: Re: A Radical Suggestion

Posted By: Susan Williams on July 13, 2005
Everything you've said about me and my views, can of course be said about you and your views. OK? Shall we call a truce? :>)

No, you'll never be able to persuade me and millions of other Americans that homosexuality is A-OK and can't be changed. We simply know too much! Perhaps you might want to find out a little of what we know, and perhaps your views might be the ones that will change:

Search "homosexuality" and/or "homosexuality and public schools" in:


There are many, many other sources of quality information to bolster the point of view that homosexuality is a behavior that is somewhat "enabled" by genetic and environmental factors, similar to alcoholism, but which is most definitely volitional rather than immutable. Every person struggling with homosexual feelings can choose to remain celibate, or choose to obtain transformational counseling, gain understanding, and live happily ever after either as a celibate person or as a heterosexual person. I am friends with, and have worked with, a number of those folks, and they're like recovering alcoholics or ex-smokers: they've worked very hard and suffered to overcome something difficult but they're much happier and better off.

To the extent that educators conceal this truth from students, the PTA, school administrators, school boards, the general public, etc. etc., then YOU GUYS are the "intellectual terrorists" -- not the mainstream American taxpayer.

Tell me where my thinking is wrong, if you still think so.
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 A Radical Suggestion by Susan Williams on June 1, 2005
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