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Re: A New Question

Posted By: Christine Epting on June 3, 2005

You suggest that we need to find a way to engage individuals with intractable beliefs, but their beliefs are INTRACTABLE.

What do you say to someone who tells you with all conviction that the sky is green? There is no way of engaging in a debate with someone when there is no common ground. I can provide all the scientific studies I can find that say that homosexuality is nature, not nurture, but if someone truly believes the opposite, I can not have a discussion about the appropriateness of homosexual adults in our schools with that person.

There is no way of convincing fundamentalists (of any religion) of the merit of liberal values and ideas. The best we can do is foster those values and ideas in our own communities with people who have not yet closed themselves off to dialogue. We can begin with our children, our friends, and our neighbors, and hope that it spreads from both coasts until we meet up in the middle.

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