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Re: Re: A Radical Suggestion

Posted By: Susan Williams on June 2, 2005
Hello: I'm so sorry you are offended. This is a tough row to hoe for all of us. The bottom line is that whoever pays the piper, calls the tune. There's also the principle of "in loco parentis" that's being ignored here, bigtime, and shouldn't be. Lastly, I believe there's a valuable message in the ongoing objections to homosexual indoctrination in K-12 schools that homosexuals might actually benefit from. Maybe we're not as dumb as we look, in other words. :>) Maybe we want what's best for YOU, too, and maybe there's a better way to live -- maybe you're not "stuck" in that lifestyle after all, as thousands of people who've received "reparative counseling" and transformed their lives to celibacy or heterosexuality have found. As long as educators are taking taxpayers' money to do this important task of teaching and shaping our children on our behalf, they really should work with us to organize the system to be the best it can be, and try first and foremost to protect our right to shape our own children's values, an unalienable right of us parents, you'd have to agree. Most parents and taxpayers believe homosexual behavior is in the same "moral family" as gluttony, alcoholism, drug addiction, adultery, meanmouthing, cheating, and any number of other behaviors that, per se, won't land you in jail, but, because of the harm done to yourself and others by your volitional behavior, is definitely "wrong." But I don't see any educators anywhere teaching kids that. All they teach is PRO-homosexuality. That, on its face, is wrong, and viewpoint discrimination -- while we parent/taxpayers are footing the bill! AAAIIIEEE!!! I can't believe you or anybody else would force kids to sit in a classroom where a glutton, alcoholic, drug addict, etc., is allowed to speak and teach positively, unchecked, about this behavior and indoctrinate the kids that it's A-OK and a great choice to be a glutton, alcoholic, drug addict, etc., and that you should "be proud" if you do because you're helplessly "born that way," and anybody who tries to get you NOT to be that way is a BIGOT. NOT!!!!! I certainly couldn't see us allowing such a teacher (or a counselor) to organize school clubs and assemblies around that behavior -- "The Future Bulimics of America Club," "Junior Drunkards," etc. But of course we have all these GLSEN clubs in schools now. It's incomprehensible. What we have here is a Hobson's choice, but it isn't the fault of the parent/taxpayers, and it shouldn't be us and our children losing out and discriminated against, while our own paid staff get their way over our objections, and on our dime.
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 A Radical Suggestion by Susan Williams on June 1, 2005
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