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Read a Post for High Bark, Low Bite: A Perspective on the Possible Impact of the Supreme Court Cleveland Voucher Decision
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NY Times Sunday July 14, 2002

Posted By: Beatrice S. Fennimore on July 15, 2002
I appreciate the opportunity to read multiple perspectives and clarifications of beliefs and ideas relating to vouchers and the Zelman decision. One perspective, persistently presented in the press, is that vouchers will enable the children of the poor to attend private schools. For example, on. p. WK 4 of the New York Times on Sunday July 14, there is an article called "Win the Debate, Not Just the Case". Clint Bolick, vice president of the Institute for Justice, identified in the article as one of the major pro-voucher organizations, presented an initial brief last spring. The Times indicates that "His brief on the merits of the case echoed the theme, asserting that private schools should be opened to poor children just as white schools were opened to black children." It is this theme of poor children in private schools that I believe is very important to continue to address and assess. How many children of the poor will be admitted to private schools, and how welcome will they be when they get there? I hope this lively debate continues as we all search for greater understanding of this decision. Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts.
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 NY Times Sunday July 14, 2002 by Beatrice S. Fennimore on July 15, 2002
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