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Distance Education

Posted By: JulieAnn Kniskern on March 5, 2002
I would like to suggest that you contact York University (Ontario, Canada) professor, David Nobel whose new book "Digital Diploma Mills" was reviewed yesterday on CBC radio. I did not get the publisher, but he referred to the spending by colleges and universities on distance education and technology as the "technological tapeworm" that is sucking the life out of universities, as class sizes increase and new faculty are not being hired in order to feed the "technology education market". He says that the main beneficiaries of the "technology education market" are the hardware sellers. The short interview /review yesterday raised questions that need to be explored and discussed. I hope that you will review his book for this particular issue.


JulieAnn Kniskern
Assistant Professor
Department of Curriculum & Instruction
English Language Arts, Reading & Children's Literature
Brandon University
Brandon, Manitoba Canada R7A 6A9
Office: 1-204-727-9679
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 Distance Education by JulieAnn Kniskern on March 5, 2002
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