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Transformative learning in non-institutionalized settings

Posted By: wilma waithe on July 14, 2003
Jane Blankman wrote
>>>>I am interested in the study and assessment of transformative learning in an informal setting>>>>

I have a similar interest.
I am interested in finding out if any has come across research on the community coalition (CC) as a milieu for fostering transformative learning (TL). While there are is literature on TL in the 'traditional' classroom, communities of practice, T groups etc., I have not beem able to find any on the community coalition. Anecdotally (from comments of coalition members a- verbally or included in reports they send to my office) I am hearing that some members are experiencing perspective transformation as a result of their participation in a CC. I am in the process of preparing a dissertation proposal to explore this empirically. I would love to hear from anyone in this area who has knowledge of the community coalition and transformative learning.

By the way, the coalitions I am studying are those that are addressing racial/ethnic health disparities.
Wilma E. Waithe

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 Transformative learning in non-institutionalized settings by wilma waithe on July 14, 2003
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