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Learning NVivo

Posted By: Heather Williams on May 1, 2002
Hi Yau Man,

Actually I've enjoyed using NVivo and found it quite exciting at first. But perhaps that is because I was using my own data which is meaningful to me and I could see some sort of pattern starting to emerge from data that was previously rather disperate.

I'm self taught, which is usually the way I learn software. I can understand your hesitancy about the course you attended. I find the best approach may be to 'get a feel' for the program on your own, this raises questions that you need answers to and then helps to get more out of formalised learning.

But I sure that if you have the opportunity to have a go with some of your own data the things you learned in class will probably slot into place and you might find the course was of more value than you thought.

Good luck with it.


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 Using computer-based programs for qualitative analysis by Heather Williams on August 16, 2001
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