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Qualitative research

Posted By: Lynn MacMillan on October 13, 2001
Hi all,
Currently enrolled in an online masters in distance education, alas, I'm also required to complete a research methods course. So far, the use of quantitative analysis predominates - most social "science" research remains validated by "number crunching" statistical analyses. The course is using the SPSS which works very well for the mathematically incompetent such as myself.
At this stage in my program, I'm no longer sure that the thesis route to completing my masters is the correct one. My general dislike of number crunching and accounting is outweighing my original interest in learning new knowledge. Does the thesis need to be be proven statistically for this new research to be considered accurate?. I have difficulty with this generally accepted belief. Someone should do research on the researchers that primarily use statistical analysis to explain social issues and relationships. That's all I wanted to share.
Happy researching!
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 Using computer-based programs for qualitative analysis by Heather Williams on August 16, 2001
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