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Tipping Point

Posted By: saira q on December 18, 2003
When I had top recently write a book report on Gladwell’s book, The Tipping Point, I had to compare the points made in the test "The Social Animal", by Elliot Aaronson. I find that the schooling related examples that Gladwell presented, in the chapter of "The Power of Context", and the teenagers' issues in general, like smoking and adapting a cult etc., esp. experimenting with their lives, can be altered by "subtle changes" or tinkering with the way they're handled by adults - in this case, main elements in the education environment or teachers and class room setting and parents.

The analogy that I drew between Gladwell's assessment of how little problems, little issues hurt the self-esteem of children or teens, and cause them to take unseeing actions (columbine school shooting tragedy), was that had they been a part of a strong and healthy community system, they would have had the intrinsic motivation to not hurt themselves and other lives, senselessly.

Aronson, being a social psychologist, suggests to incorporate his "Jigsaw" class room technique in which through role assignment and equal participation, school age children come to gain a sense of responsibility of being a responsible part of the whole and to a specific common goal, they focus their attention and succeed because each one of them is assigned some specific task of the whole project which engenders a sense of personally responsibility.

Maybe that idea can be tested again, nationally at earlier educational levels to see its efficacy and hopefully prove to be one beneficial point that will “tip” the educational environment, for better.


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