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Metacognition and Study Skills

Posted By: Jeanne Tregoning on September 16, 2003
Dear Marshalee, (excuse the paragraphing, ran out of space)
Yes, I am still at work. Even though I had taken a doctoral level course in APA style writing, I am taking a writing course for the office (online) from our local technical college.
I don't say it for sympathy or empathy; however, I am in a wheelchair and depend upon voice recognition software. Needless to say, both my computers (at work and at home) stopped taking my voice. Now I am trying to play catch-up tonight with my course. I had planned to do this at 4:30 PM. It is now 6:57 PM, and I am still answering e-mails.
Our people will get the study skills information, hopefully, next week. I believe it is so important because I practice it all the time. Let me tell you a vignette: a week and a half ago we were in Green Bay for the "Rebirth of Lambeau Field," and a man came up and reintroduced himself. He said that he had been kicked out of one of our universities 3 times because of his grades. He couldn't thank me enough for teaching him study skills; he is now an engineer. It is worth it to keep spreading the word.
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 Metacognition and Study Skills by Jeanne Tregoning on September 3, 2003
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