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Low level readers in HS

Posted By: Ellen Rintell on June 12, 2003
There are now a number of books out about "content area reading," some geared toward HS students. A great one is also "I read it but I don't get it" by Chris Tovani, published by Heinemann.

The most effective teaching strategy, I find, is emphasizing vocabulary by pre- and post- teaching of words found in content texts assigned. Also, using all the learning strategies written about-- visual organizers, writing questions about what's in the text, taking notes, conscious discussion/writing about imagery and thoughts while reading, etc. A great book which is geared toward ESL students, which have simeilar issues, is the "CALLA Handbook" by Anna Uhl Chamot, et. al. and published by Addison Wesley.

Good luck!

Ellen Rintell
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 Teaching high school aged non and low readers to read by R. Warren Donelan on April 15, 2003
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