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Teaching high school aged non and low readers to read

Posted By: susan campbell on May 21, 2003
CRISS, or Creating Independence through Student-centred Stragegies is a program that we have introduced to all middle teachers across the curriculum. It reenforces the teaching of strategies and students becoming responsible for their own learning. There is a great video Called CRISS High School, available through The Video Journal. We also used materials from Elaine McGowen's book, Raising Reading Achievement in Middle and High, and turned all of this into a full two-day workshop for all teachers, teacher assistants, principals of Middle Schools. Our goal is to do the same in high, as most of our teachers are so content driven they do not see the forest for the trees!
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 Teaching high school aged non and low readers to read by R. Warren Donelan on April 15, 2003
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