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Posted By: Barbara Mannion on May 14, 2003
We are in the same boat and I would really appreciate it if you would be willing to share the suggestions received from others. We have 2400 students in grades 9-12; we are 62% Spanish bilingual with a high poverty rate.

We have run a pilot program that extended a single semester class (government) into a full year to specifically address reading literacy with a selected group of students (70. These students read at the 5th grade level and not above the 7th grade level. We are using the DRP(degrees of reading power) to test their progress.

Our teachers running the pilot are both history teachers;' one has done her master's work in reading. They team their sections and use the content to teach reading;the emphasis is specific to increasing comprehension and fluency. I don't have the second measurement in (will have it the end of this month)and will see if there is a measurable increase.

Lokking forward to your reply,

Barbara L. Mannion

These teachers have communicated the reading levels of their students with the students' teachers in other curricular areas. They have sent suggestions detailing strategies . . . how much others have indeed picked up on that is unknown at this time. We will have a debrief at the end of the school year.

We had bought "Reading for Understanding" for our entire staff and had asked them to read through the chapters during the summer. In August we had a one day inservice in which assigned chapters were presented by groups. (One day does not do it as you know) So, I am reasonably certain that the strategies used in the book (very good book)can only be effective IF you truly have monthly quality time devoted to professional development.

So, that's our story at this time . . . and our incoming freshmen reside in the two lowest quadrants in reading . . . oh boy!! MIDDLE SCHOOLS MUST HAVE A VERTICALLY ALIGNED READING PROGRAM . . .
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