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Discussion Posts for Defending Science Education Against Fundamentalist Attacks
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 More refutation on this person's argument by Susan Williams on October 11, 2005

 Science by Jeffrey Price on October 4, 2005

 Where to Find Refutation of This Person's Points and Ideology by Susan Williams on October 4, 2005

 Misses the point by Steven hech on October 4, 2005

 Interesting Debate on NPR's Science Friday by Michael Rennick on September 21, 2005

 The Best Way to Find the Truth is to Get the Whole Story by Susan Williams on September 20, 2005

 Creationism and Geocentrism by David Demnitz on September 20, 2005

 Why does Science Education NEED "defending" and Why are the views of creationists considered "attacks"? by Darryl Bego on September 20, 2005

 Intelligent Design, Creationism ought to be included as a reasonable option by Darryl Bego on September 20, 2005

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