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Copyright Agreement

Goals of the Policy
The www.TCRecord.org copyright policy is designed to promote the widest distribution of the material appearing on www.TCRecord.org while simultaneously protecting the rights of authors and of www.TCRecord.org as the publisher.

Copyright Assignment
It is the policy of Teachers College, Columbia University to acquire copyright for all of the material published on www.TCRecord.org. Assignment assures that requests for permission to reproduce materials in printed or electronic media are handled systematically and in accordance with a general policy that is aware of the market and any relevant changes in international copyright legislation.

All Rights
In assigning copyright the author assigns to Teachers College the entire copyright of the material, including all rights to publish, or allow others to publish, some or all of the material in print or electronic form, or in any other manner.

Assurance of Original Work
The author further indicates that the material submitted is his/her original work and that it has not been previously published elsewhere in its final form (either in printed or electronic form) and is not for consideration for publication elsewhere.

Assurance of Permission for Other Material
The author also indicates that he/she has obtained permission for and has acknowledged the source of any illustrations, diagrams or other material included in the material submitted of which he/she is not the original copyright owner.

Author Rights to Re-use with Acknowledgment
The author retains his or her personal right to re-use the material in future collections of his/her own work without fee to www.TCRecord.org. The author may make photocopies of his/her own work or distribute via electronic mail or fax for teaching and research purposes without obtaining permission, provided such copies are not resold. Proper acknowledgment of prior publication on www.TCRecord.org, and inclusion of Teachers College as the copyright holder and of the www.TCRecord.org URL (www.TCRecord.org) are the only requirements for authors in each of these cases.

Author Rights to Place An Article Published in the Teachers College Record in an Institutional Repository
The author of material appearing in the Teachers College Record or online at www.tcrecord.org may place a copy of the original submitted version of the manuscript in an institutional repository. This is the version first submitted for review and prior to changes from the peer review and copy editing processes. When such author versions of articles are included in institutional repositories the only requirement is that there should be a note indicating that the final peer reviewed version of the piece appeared in the Teachers College Record along with a link to www.tcrecord.org

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