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by Paul Shaker & Elizabeth Heilman - 2004
An increasingly broad array of cultural and institutional forces are at work creating a new “common sense” of education that maligns or manipulates the corpus of educational research and attacks promising practices and reforms. In addition, a new type of education scholarship has emerged that is delivered in alternative ways, funded through unorthodox sources, motivated by nonacademic purposes, and supported through direct access to media and political organizations, including the federal government. This article examines the details of the new commonsense policy and rhetoric and considers what is being lost and what educators need to do to restore to public education its position of civic and moral leadership in our society.

by Frances Kochan & Carol Mullen - 2001
Fairness and justice in collaborative authorship practice.

by Brent Kilbourn - 2001
A detailed analysis of a sample first paragraph of a thesis

by Gary Natriello - 2000

by TC Record - 2000
Advice on beginning a paper

by Gary Natriello - 1998

by Gary Natriello - 1998

by Gary Natriello - 1997

by Beth Handler - 2006
A short personal commentary about the evolution of the author's convictions about what constitutes scholarship. The author tracks her struggle with those convictions from when she was a doctoral candidate at a major research university to when she became a member of the faculty at a regional university.

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