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Research Methods >> Survey Research

by David Phelps - 2019
The research–practice gap is an enduring problem in the field of education. The gap refers to educational research that is not practice informed, and educational practice that is not research informed. A popular approach to bridge the research–practice gap in education is to build partnerships between schools and universities that are active within the context of a school setting (rather than exclusively in a laboratory school or through college courses).

by Leslie Herrenkohl, Kate Napolitan, Todd Herrenkohl, Elham Kazemi, Logan McAuley & David Phelps - 2019
Washington State’s grant for school–university partnerships provided a large research university and Blakeview Elementary School (pseudonym) an opportunity to engage in a shared visioning process that led to establishing a full-service community school. This article presents a case study of work that was conducted across five years: a planning year and four years of implementation.

by Joanne Carney, Marilyn Chu, Jennifer Green, William Nutting, Susan Donnelly, Andrea Clancy, Marsha Buly & David Carroll - 2019
Achieving educational social justice requires teachers, administrators, teacher education programs, and community organizations to work together to meet the needs of students and their families as teachers—both novice and experienced—develop the skills and dispositions to teach all children. This case study uses mixed-methods research to analyze how one school-university partnership navigated the challenges inherent in such collaborative work.

by John Traynor & Deborah Tully - 2019
Using a mixed-method research design, this case study explores the impact of a six-year partnership between a public K–6 school and two private institutions of higher education. In this article, the partners describe the activities and progress toward stated goals over the life span of the partnership (2012–2018).

by Brian Rowan, Richard Correnti & Robert Miller - 2002
This papers considers concerptual and methodological issues that arise in large-scale survey research on teaching and uses data from Prospects to draw some substantive conclusions about the overall magnitude and sources of teachers' effects on student achievement in elementary schools.

by Nathan Dickmeyer - 1989
The concepts of metaphor, model, and theory are defined and used to show how social science research in general, and education research in particular, has differed from Popper's description of natural science research.

by Martin Katzman & Ronald Rosen - 1970
The authors provide an overview of the political and scientific factors pertinent to the "rise and fall" of National Assessment.

by Arthur Allen & Dorothy Seaberg - 1967
Complementary in themselves, sociology and human ecology should be vital components of any teacher education program preparing prospective teachers to deal with problems posed by cultural "Disadvantage" and human variability in any form.

by Charles Judd - 1938
The survey movement has proved to be highly important, not only because of the information that surveys have supplied to communities and school officers, but also because of the opportunity they have given to students of the science of education to develop techniques of investigation.

by H. L. Smith - 1914
In preparing the following paper, I have secured many suggestions from the publications of the National Bureau of Education, from the many excellent annual school reports and school surveys that have been published during the past three or four years, and from several individuals who were kind enough to share a part of their time with me in personal interviews on the subject under discussion. Of the school reports, I wish to mention especially the recent ones from the following cities: Cleveland, Ohio; Elmira, New York; Louisville, Kentucky; Newton, Massachusetts; New York, New York.

by Charles Judd - 1914
The summary of school surveys now presented is not complete, but it includes all of the major surveys and gives a view of the different types of such inquiries. The chronology of reports is respected in a general way and the reader will certainly not fail to see that there has been a steady evolution in the methods of inquiry and in the form of presenting results.

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Book Reviews
by Sandra A. Rigazio-DiGilio, Allen E. Ivey, Kara P. Kunkler-Peck, and Lois T. Grady
reviwed by Jeanne Slattery - 2006
Sandra A. Rigazio-DiGilio, Allen E. Ivey, Kara P. Kunkler-Peck, and Lois T. Grady

by Sarah Robbins and Mimi Dyer (Editors)
reviwed by Rachel Ragland - 2005

by Richard J. Shavelson and Lisa Town, eds.
reviwed by Gary Natriello - 2004

by Valerie E. Lee and David Burkam
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by Sharon B. Merriam and Associates
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by Angela Brew
reviwed by Maike Philipsen & Jon Wergin - 2003

by Ellen Condliffe Lagemann
reviwed by Les McLean - 2002

by Adelheid A. M. Nicol and Penny M. Pexman
reviwed by Howard Wainer - 2001

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    NORC is a non-profit corporation affiliated with the University of Chicago that conducts survey research in the public interest for government agencies, educational institutions, private foundations, non-profit organizations, and private corporations.
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