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Book Reviews
by Frederick M. Hess and Jeffrey R. Henig (Eds.)
reviwed by Oscar Jiménez-Castellanos & Bethany Richmond - 2016

by Sarah Reckhow
reviwed by Guodong Liang - 2013

by Mary Ellen S. Capek and Molly Mead
reviwed by Christine Letts - 2006

by Jacqueline P. Danzberger, Michael W. Kirst and Michael D. Usdan
reviwed by Kenneth Wong - 1995

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  • How Philanthropy is Revolutionizing Education
    This transcript of this lecture explains how philanthropists are providing a different approach to reform-through private vouchers, which are sweeping the nation
  • Education Policy Analysis Archives
    A peer-reviewed scholarly electronic journal published at Arizona State University.
  • Philanthropy News Network
    PNN delivers news, information, and resources to all segments of the nonprofit world in order to help them better achieve their goals.
  • Effective Philanthropy in Education
    In the face of unprecedented economic prosperity, public education stands to benefit from some of the largest philanthropic giving in American history - from individuals as well as foundations.
  • Education-line
    Education-line [UK] is an indexed, full text, electronic archive of conference and working papers, reports, policy and discussion documents and early research results in the field of education and training. Education-line is an Anonymous FTP site for education—the only one of its kind in the field!
  • American Journal of Education
    The American Journal of Education is devoted to original inquiries in education, to the evaluation and synthesis of educational scholarship, and to scholarly commentary of educational practice.
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