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by Joe Nathan - 1998
This article questions whether the National Collegiate Athletic Organization (NCAA), an organization whose central role is regulating college and university sports, is really the appropriate group to dictate high school course standards. The article describes a growing national challenge to NCAA policies and procedures, and proposes next steps.

by E.M. Swift - 1991
Discusses four truths about high school sports: rules of the game are unassailable, the purpose of the game is winning, teammates are people who depend upon one another, and coaches are people to trust. The educational value of school sport is the pursuit, not the attainment, of excellence.

by Geraldine Dimondstein - 1970
Creative rhythmic movement, as the author sees it, may be conceived to be an art form with particular relevance for young children. She believes that children ought to be enabled to engage in movement experiences of the kind which permit them to conceptualize space, time, and force in relation to their own bodies. The capacity to conceptualize in this way may lead, she says, to imaginative control of space-time-force elements and, in consequence, the imposition of order upon the environment—much like the virtual form achieved by the artist in non-discursive communication.

by Ellen Braaten & Richard Ginsburg - 2009
Ranking athletic potential of high school athletes has been a long-standing practice. More recently, recruiting analysts are being asked to rank middle school students. This commentary discusses the particular impact this practice has on the youngest of these students: 6th graders.

by Perry Zirkel - 2012
This commentary suggests a systemic solution to the pernicious problem of big-time college basketball and football.

by Peter Miller & Maria Dehnert - 2019
This commentary offers areas where researchers can help re-frame discussions on readiness at the intersection of athletics and academics.

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