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by Charles Waddle - 1924
The method of the case history has long been successfully and beneficially employed in the literature of medicine, psychiatry, and criminology. Healy's work on delinquent children has, through its case histories especially, done a great service in bringing fuller realization of the necessity of detailed study of every delinquent if we would handle his case humanely, intelligently, and effectively. The establishment of the Psychological Clinic, by Witmer, and of The Training, School, at Vineland, with their illuminating case descriptions, has had a marked influence in stimulating this sort of study. The pedagogical significance of such careful diagnoses and prognostications as one finds in these sources can hardly be overestimated.. They have done an unmeasured amount of good in the improvement of the instruction of those teachers who have studied them and who have tried to follow the suggestions they give.

by Frank Freeman - 1924
The special treatment of gifted children has arisen in part in a different way from the special treatment of defective or backward children. The demand for the special treatment of defective children arose from the necessities of the practical situation. Defective children failed in their work, were retarded in school, and were finally eliminated before completing the school. This forced the problem of their education upon the school administrator. The desirability or necessity of speeial treatment for gifted children has arisen out of the scientific study of the intellectual and physical capacity of these children and is based upon a logical process of inference, which leads to the conclusion that their nature demands special treatment.

by Theodore Henry - 1924

by John Dewey - 1914
Stenographic report of paper presented before the Department of Kindergarten Education, Teachers College Alumni Conference, February 21, 1913.

by Janice Bloom, Mardi Tuminaro, Marian Mogulescu & Pat Walter - 2017
Written by teachers who worked at Central Park East Secondary School, this commentary seeks to rearticulate the vision and practices that inspired the early small schools movement. It also attempts to reframe and reclaim assessment, accountability, and rigor as goals and activities that are owned and implemented by educators, students, and communities.

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