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by - 1929
The training of nursery-school teachers is still in the experimental stage. It seemed desirable to discover, if possible, the variations in practice. For this purpose a preliminary questionnaire was prepared, and sent to fifty-five schools supposedly interested in the professional training of nursery-school teachers.

by - 1929
Parenthood, one of the oldest of human responsibilities, is at present one of the most recent concerns of education. The individual parent has struggled single-handed with the problems of the older generation since civilization began, but it has been only a few years since the community became aware of the fact that the most universal responsibility for the welfare of human beings has been given little or no systematic consideration.

by Julie C. Garlen, Lisa Kuh & Beth Coleman - 2017
This commentary reflects on a dialogue among members of the Critical Perspectives on Early Childhood Special Interest Group. A group of authors share contentions regarding the implementation of anti-bias education and implications for teacher education, teachers, children, and families.

by Christopher Holland - 2017
This commentary evaluates both the strengths and weaknesses of New York City's universal pre-K initiative and provides three recommendations for future action.

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