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Diversity >> Gender and Sexuality

by Michael Apple - 1985
The fact that most elementary school teachers are female provides a key to understanding why there are often attempts by state bureaucrats, industry, and academics to control the curricular and teaching practices in classrooms. It also explains why these externally derived controls are often transformed by teachers once they are in their classrooms.

by Harvey Siegel - 1983
Jane Roland Martin's charge that a male cognitive perspective dominates educational philosophy is assessed. Martin's views on the ideal educated person (in writings of R. S. Peters and others), gender bias in the intellectual disciplines, the rationality learning theory, and self-alienation of educated women are analyzed.

by Michael Apple - 1983
The connections between class and gender must be recognized if attempts to rationalize and proletarianize teaching are to be understood. Behaviorally-specified curriculum, prepackaged programs, and repeated testing and accountability measures represent attempts by state governments and by male administrators to wrest control of instruction from a largely female corps of teachers.

by Peter Bertocci - 1982
A call for sex education that impacts values along with sexual information.

by Philip Dreyer - 1975
Marriage has always represented a point of intersection between the needs of society to maintain itself and the needs of individuals to fulfill themselves. Marriage is unique in that it is the only interpersonal relationship which attempts to satisfy both the socialeconomic requirements of groups and the personal-emotional needs of individuals over the course of the life span.

by Helen Astin - 1975
This chapter describes and analyzes two areas of inquiry. First, recent research on women is described and trends in this research are outlined. An analysis of this kind illustrates in part some of the issues and concerns in the study of women as an area of scientific and scholarly inquiry.

by Patrick Lee - 1973
The questions which this essay shall raise and try to answer are these: Why are the vast majority of elementary teachers women? What are the contextually imposed constraints upon the sex of the teacher as an operational component of classroom life? What are the consequences of the sex of the teacher in context, particularly the unanticipated consequences?

by Jinny Goldstein - 1973
Research work of professional social scientists and women's rights groups has revealed the existence of sex discrimination in American higher education.

by Margaret Mead - 1971
If there is explicit recognition of tasks which are appropriate for either sex, tasks appropriate for one sex or the other, and tasks which require the complementary presence of both sexes, this should serve to reduce the kind of polarization over occupation, whether coming from Women's Liberation or from those conservatives who feel strongly that women's place is in the home, or at least at homelike tasks dealing with individuals, teaching, nursing, safeguarding, listening.

by Sara Zimet - 1970
An examination was made of the sex role models portrayed in primary reading texts during six contiguous historical periods in the United States from 1600 to 1966.

by Rosemary Salomone - 2004
This article discusses the current debate over publicly supported single-sex programs in the context of the No Child Left Behind Act and proposed Title IX regulations that will afford such programs greater flexibility. The author examines the role of research in addressing the legal and policy issues raised and its critical relationship to planning, implementation, and evaluation.

by Rosemary Salomone - 2006
The persistent focus on hard-wired differences that has captured the media is not only untested in its purported implications; it also is potentially harmful to students.

by Amanda Datnow & Lea Hubbard - 2008
This commentary discusses the current movement towards single sex public school. Our goal is to raise questions and hopefully inspires thoughtful inquiry about these schools and their role in American public schools.

by Carla Monroe - 2012
This commentary discusses the issue of transgender people in higher education

by Suzanne Eckes, Todd DeMitchell & Richard Fossey - 2013
Protecting the Legal Rights of LGBT Students to Attend the Prom

by Jess Clawson - 2015
This commentary discusses why, if education policymakers and practitioners do not have a grounding in education history, they cannot adequately meet the needs of queer/of color students. Education history in indispensable to policymakers, administrators, and practitioners in adequately educating marginalized students.

by Payal Cascio - 2016
Malala Yousafzai is a personality to be reckoned with in the face of modern warfare. This commentary follows her thoughts and deeds in the midst of the Taliban oppression and seeks to analyze her life through her perspective. Her endless strife to fight for the empowerment of women in the war torn region of the Swat Valley of Pakistan is overshadowed by the threatening presence of the Taliban to this day.

by Anna Montana Cirell & Joseph Sweet - 2016
In this commentary, the authors discuss how gender inequality becomes manifest in deeper sociopolitical issues of proper schooling and proper education. They also show how regulation is far from recognition, as policing others’ identity and purpose exposes a whole other layer of intentionality.

by Kirsten Sadler - 2017
This commentary is a response to the renewed focus of funding and interest in gender equality in STEM in Australia. The author argues for new approaches and strategies, dialogic and inclusive of all diversities, toward creating a more inclusive STEM workplace into the future.

by Tiffany Noel - 2019
This commentary aims to present and emphasize undergraduate students’ voices to call attention to issues surrounding belongingness and non-retention of women in STEM fields.

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