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by Frederick Bonser - 1921
A discussion of the dangers of misinterpreting the project method, the dangers of neglecting some necessary aspects of education, and the difficulty of implementing the project mathod.

by James Hosic - 1921
A series of propositions regarding the advantages of the project method.

by R. W. Hatch - 1921
The advantages and disadvantages of the project method as reported by ninth and tenth grade students at the Horace Mann School and students from Teachers College.

by William Kilpatrick - 1921
An argument that wholehearted purposeful activity proceeding under wise guidance in a social situation promises best both for education and for life, because it best identifies education with life.

by William Kilpatrick - 1918
The word 'project' is perhaps the latest arrival to knock for admittance at the door of educational terminology. Shall we admit the stranger? Not wisely until two preliminary questions have first been answered in the affirmative: First, is there behind the proposed term and waiting even now to be christened a valid notion or concept which promises to render appreciable service in educational thinking?

by Emily Hodge, Susanna Benko & Serena Salloum - 2018
This commentary argues that new providers of curricular resources may be changing the marketplace of curriculum materials; however, different types of providers may imply distinct views of the role of teachers in curriculum and instruction.

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by William W. Cutler III
reviwed by Lee Shumow - 2002

by Loren R. Graham
reviwed by James Wertsch - 1991

by Michael W. Apple
reviwed by Philip Panaritis - 1989

by Gene E. Hall, Shirley M. Hord
reviwed by Robert Larson, Fenwick English, Gene Hall & Shirley Hord - 1989

by Alice Frazer Evans, Robert A. Evans, William Bean Kennedy
reviwed by Philip Phenix - 1988

by Gary Fenstermacher, Jonas F. Soltis
reviwed by Alan Tom - 1987

by Decker F. Walker, Jonas F. Soltis
reviwed by Michael Apple & Ralph Tyler - 1987
No matter how hard curriculum “technicians” try to keep curriculum concerns as purely instrumental matters, reality keeps rearing its head. The language of efficiency, of standardization, of cost accountability, of bureaucratic rationalization—always promising to become the primary if not the only way we deal with curriculum—seems never to quite succeed in placing a lid on other even more powerful curriculum issues.

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