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Adult Education

by Kindel Nash, Etta Hollins & Leah Panther - 2016
Focusing on high-performing early literacy teachers across multiple urban school contexts, this commentary introduces our conceptual model and one example of a high leverage early literacy practice.

by Nadine Dolby - 2019
In this commentary, the author reflects on what she learned from a note left for her by a custodian at her university.

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Book Reviews
by Gene Diaz & Martha Barry McKenna
reviwed by Susan Bennett - 2017

by Michele Knobel & Colin Lankshear (Eds.)
reviwed by Susan Cridland-Hughes - 2017

by Geoff Hall
reviwed by Yalun Zhou & Michael Wei - 2017

by Autumn Tooms Cyprès
reviwed by Carrie Sampson & Emerald Ochonogor - 2017

by Boris Handal
reviwed by Camille Martinez-Yaden - 2017

by Heidi Anne E. Mesmer
reviwed by Marcy Zipke & Susan F. Skawinski - 2017

by Bret Eynon & Laura M. Gambino
reviwed by Eugene Lyman - 2017

by Victoria J. Risko & MaryEllen Vogt
reviwed by Jennifer Tuten & Mallory Locke - 2017

by Anthony A. Piña, Jason B. Huett, & Charles Schlosser (Eds.)
reviwed by Oksana Vorobel - 2017

by Richard Roberts & Roger Kreuz
reviwed by Amado Padilla - 2017

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    The Journal of Literacy Research (JLR) is an interdisciplinary journal publishing research related to literacy, language, and schooling from preschool through adulthood.
  • Reading and Writing Quarterly
    The journal disseminates information to improve instruction for regular and special education students who have trouble learning to read and write. This journal is interdisciplinary and addresses the causes, diagnosis, prevention, evaluation, and remediation of reading and writing difficulties in regular and special education settings. It provides direction for educating in mainstreamed populations for literacy.
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    The Reading Teacher (circulation 70,000) is a peer-reviewed professional journal, published eight times yearly, that provides an open forum for the thoughtful consideration of practices, issues, and trends within the field of reading and literacy education and in related fields.
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  • Reading: literacy and language
    Reading: literacy and language is the official journal of the United Kingdom Reading Association, the professional association for teachers of language and literacy.
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