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Association of Qualitative Research Practitioners

Newcomers to the industry may be wondering just what the AQRP is all about. The short answer is that the Association is the voice of UK qualitative research. It is run for qualitative researchers by qualitative researchers in response to their needs. It has grown from a loose knit body of enthusiasts to an organisation some 850-strong, representing members both here and abroad. It is made up of professionals working in the field of qualitative market research as practitioners, buyers or field personnel. The AQRP is fully independent and funded by members and activities, both of which are growing in numbers. It is not affiliated to the Market Research Society though it does maintain close links with it via liason groups, working groups and personal contacts. It also have informal ties with the US-based Qualitative Research Consultants Association, which fosters a regular exchange of ideas and information between the two continents.

URL: http://www.aqrp.co.uk/
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