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The Center for Futurism in Education

The Center for Futurism in Education at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev was established by the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Ben-Gurion University in order to advance and foster paradigmatic changes in the Israeli education system. Guiding the Center's activities is the understanding that:

a. Current educational paradigms cannot provide answers to the challenges posed by the recent rapid transition to a post-industrial (or post-modern) information society and those serious answers to these challenges require the readiness to try out radically new educational paradigms.

b. The new suggested educational paradigms, processes, models and curricula should be based on macro-strategic thinking. Such thinking should rely on one hand on the understanding of the implications of the post-industrial information revolutions for education and on the other hand on a coherent, operationalizable set of humanistic values.

URL: http://www.bgu.ac.il/futuredu/
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