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Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies

The Center seeks to raise raise consciousness by increasing national and international awareness of the medical and public health threats posed by biological weapons, thereby augmenting the potential legal, political and moral prohibitions against their use. The Center also will build a knowledge base designed to develop a broader appreciation of the scope of the threat posed by the major biological agents and possible medical and public health responses to them through analysis of expected clinical manifestations, available treatment strategies, epidemiology, and potential methods of prophylaxis. The Center will disseminate this knowledge throughout the medical and public health communities. The Center will catalyze development of effective and practical systems to respond to epidemics by fostering the planning and preparation for response to possible bioterrorist attacks, and by so doing, lessen their potential effectiveness and attractiveness as instruments of terror. The Center will engage the medical and public health communities in comprehensive planning for the epidemiological characterization of the epidemic, for the care and treatment of casualties, for communication of information to the public and for the pursuit of unmet research and preparedness needs.

URL: http://www.hopkins-biodefense.org/index.html
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